Protecting Your Vision


Definition: To supernaturally gaze at an object externally and have an inspired appearance internally – Godwin Goziem Jireh

Yeshua’s House Ministry was inspired by a name change and a vision. The vision is that God has made provision for all His people to have an inheritance, through the word (Jesus). The word is alive in the experiences of people who are living it. Some people are doing very well while others are struggling. Those who are experts at seizing their inheritance should share their stories for the benefit of the others.


Minister Joshua and Sister Michele Smith have exposed their vision to scrutiny and the risk of failure, but yet with the hope of success! Joseph was miserable as a solitary dreamer but he began to do much better when he met and linked with other dreamers. When enough dreamers come together you have a chain reaction then an inevitable explosion.

Protecting this thing that is now exposed as the vision – four points:

  • Water (the physics) – Water is life. If you look at a long serving spoon through water, you will find that it appears broken. If you try to look at life through water it will look distorted. Yesterday’s pain has a way of distorting today’s vision because we cry sometimes. When you feel like crying do not make a decision. Guard the vision from perceptions and stay in the realm of reality. So, sometimes you have to cry but you have to be strong.
  • Pair of Binoculars (beautiful invention) –This is a vision aide used for zooming things to scale. Sometimes God will grant things that you need help to get it. If the wrong tool is used hypersensitivity can occur…so a little bump can become a mountain and then it becomes a big problem. Things that will normally not be a problem then fill the field. You cannot allow yourself to be focusing on the wrong things or looking at things at the wrong scale. You have to use your vision aide wisely.
  • Prescription lens (nice design) – For people who need help to see properly. They will work well for a time but you have to know when to retire them. People will come and try to get you to look through their lens theirs wasn’t prescribed for you. You have to know when to stand on your own because the method being given by others will never work with your vision. Recall David and Saul; you are talking to sovereign but you have to be persuasive enough while not being in the eyes of any as a rebel.
  • Safety Glasses (protective and stylish) – Its purpose is to provide protection for the eyes as shade from the glare of the sun, when it is up. It kind of makes you look cool too though. So the idea of image is introduced. They say image is everything but it’s not true. If you keep it on in the night you will stay cool but you will not be able to see, hence you will not know where you are going.  So a man who was formally a visionary suddenly – if he begins to subscribe to the wrong image – becomes blinded and starts to stumble because times have changed…you have to know when to take it off.

If your vision is not localized, do not allow people (like those whose mentality of Jesus never elevated him above anyone else but Joseph’s and Mary’s son) to box you in.

  • How dare you dream beyond the district of your birth?
  • How dare you dream beyond the limits of the organization?
  • How can you do something that is not stamped approved in general conference?

What do you do when the need is transnational, when the need cuts across borders, when the pain is felt everywhere? Do you then subdue the vision to please those who are content to sit in their rut?

There is a time when a word is released…it might not be in your locale etc. but find the cloud and stay underneath it.

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