UNDERSTANDING How You Can Be Physical Healed and Healthy with Pastor Carol Bramwell

The interview was conducted on August 17, 2019, at Refuge Temple Kingdom Life Ministry, Brambleton Hall in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.

Pastor Carol Bramwell

Pastor Bramwell, Jesus spent a lot of time making sure that as many believers who were sick physically and needed healing, received it. The apostles followed suit and they healed significant numbers also. Today the Church has lots of sick people. Part of your purpose, we believe, is to help the body of Christ understand how applying the correct discipline can bring physical healing and health where it is needed the most. Thank you for giving us this interview. The aim is to have you share a conversation that joint heirs can tap into to position themselves to; go get their inheritance!

What was your first experience (personal or on another’s behalf) of healing through the power and promise of Almighty God ?

I did not know it then but now I am sure that it was God who saved my life: In high school, I was stabbed in the hand with a pencil by one of my classmates. They dressed it with iodine, which basically neutralized the starch in my body. I was poisoned and about to die but my mother mixed a sweet cup of mint tea and gave me. I drank it and when taken to the doctor the next day, he congratulated my mother for acting quickly.  

Later in life, after we got saved, my mother was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Her hand was swollen and she was in pain. The Pastor led a team who prayed and anointed her with consecrated olive oil and the sickness disappeared!

Why is it that enough Christians don’t believe God can heal their sicknesses? We see, say and even sing that Jesus is a healer but when put to the test we express fear and doubt.

It is not that people don’t believe to be healed but it is that people don’t physically obey what God directs them to do. In other cases, there are people who start to obey but refuse to continue until their healing is realized. There is a general lack of discipline even among the children of God.

What was your divine revelation/formula for physical healing when you were diagnosed with a terminal illness?

I was given six weeks to live after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. During the first two weeks, I was confused and did nothing, so I had four weeks left before dying. I sat on the couch one day and pleaded with God and He said, “begin at the beginning.” I opened the Bible to Genesis 1 and in verse 29 He pointed me to herbs and fruit of the trees upon the face of the earth. I immediately changed my diet, applying strict discipline, and in THREE MONTHS the aggressive disease dried up completely.

However, other complications developed to which no medicine could be applied. While the medics monitored, I went back to God and He gave a followup revelation about the need to be happy (Prov 17:22).  I immediately went to the mirror and started practicing for my best smile! Again, I fully applied it by finding a reason to laugh in every situation.   Whenever I go out and get a good joke, I share it with my wife and we laugh together.

I was sent abroad to do a very expensive, comprehensive test, to confirm the results. In that time I was directed to John 6. It was another revelation. Jesus said to me, “I am the bread of life.” I quickly referenced other scriptures (for example, manna in the wilderness), connected the dots and for one year, without fail, the Church joined me and we took the Lord’s Supper every Sunday.  After that one year, and by the time the results came back, I received a clean bill of health! 

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Pastor Bramwell and Wife

What would you say to Christians who cannot connect the dots between being physically healed and being successful at fulfilling their purpose in life?

We all have a responsibility to keep our bodies healthy because it is the dwelling place of the Holy Ghost. We cannot respond to fulfilling our purpose without the help of the Holy Ghost. When we inhabit Him by taking care of our body, we find the energy we need to respond to fulfilling our purpose in life.

In an age when pharmaceutical drugs are more trusted than ever, can you share three (3) practical must-dos for the youth, adult and senior who desire to be healed and healthy physically?

1. Youths, adults and seniors alike should adopt a lifestyle of intermittent fasting. Eat within an eight-hour window (10 am – 6:00 pm) and fast the next sixteen hours, every day.

2. Avoid snacking when hungry and if you must, do not snack on bad foods like Cheese Trix and sweet drinks. Snack on fruits, vegetable, and nuts instead.

3. Be active. Get physical. We have in our Church a physical education person who takes us through the routine as part of some services!

Elder Carol Bramwell is the Pastor of the Refuge Temple Kingdom Life Ministry assembly in Nain St. Elizabeth. He is a farmer by profession who spends time teaching at various Churches, cultivating quick crops and preparing herbal portions for small scale distribution.

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