“What are the strategies for managing successful Churches?”

The question was put to Bishop K.L. Andrews, Pastor and Businessman

The church is the mystical body of Christ, governed by the Holy Ghost. However, it is, according to Jesus’ parable, left in the hands of his servants to “occupy” until He returns.  As a steward therefore, a Pastor has to be diligent and employ several strategies to ensure that he does a successful job.

 Paramount is to proclaim the word of God, showing its relevance to the now generation without compromising, and the giving of sincere worship to the creator.  Scriptures exhort us to serve the Lord with our whole being and the Psalmists declared several times that the name of the Lord is to be magnified, praised and exalted. Since it is He who redeemed us and set up His church, then all that we do should give glory to Him alone.

Next, the church exists to minister to people and to demonstrate God’s love by us loving our neighbours as ourselves.  This love should permeate from the Pastor down to the believers who in turn exhibit it to every visitor to their assembly.

Constant evangelism cannot be over emphasized. As long as there is an unbeliever, then there is a chance to rescue someone from the wrath to come.  Paul said: “Knowing the terror of God we persuade men” (2 Cor. 5: 11 ).  So every believer is to be trained as a soul winner. Like Moses and Jesus delegated responsibility to capable men, even so, must the members possessing various gifts and abilities be utilized. This practice enables the Pastor to fulfill other pressing duties as well as develop others in various ministries.

The church is mandated to attend to, people’s spiritual, emotional, relational and physical needs. (Matt 25: 31-46).  For these reasons, the church has to establish several ministries to ensure that the whole man is developed. Vibrant Sunday Schools and Bible Classes are to be held to bring believers to spiritual maturity. Youth ministries are encouraged for them to find their purpose in kingdom building. Academic and skills training is given to ensure upward mobility and employability. Counseling is to be given to help to guide or give correction where necessary. Prayer and visiting teams are to be constantly playing their part to ensure the health and success of the church. 

The church, a very important entity in any community, must make its presence felt in several ways. It must be aware of what is happening in the community. House to house visits should be done in order to analyze and effectively meet the needs of the unchurched.  It should be present in time of disaster and other crises. It should be represented at civic functions and have an input in the development of the community.

Although there is no key strategy to church success or growth, if one pays attention to sincere worship and the development of people for here and for eternity, (St Luke 10: 27; Psalm 1:3) then the Lord promises that whatever you do, it shall prosper.  

Bishop Kingsley Andrews, JP, BD is the Pastor of the Kendal Shiloh Apostolic Church and the Chairman of the Shiloh Apostolic Church organization in Jamaica and abroad.

He is managing Director of Kingsleys Auto Supply and serves as Chaplin of the Mandeville Constabulary. He is married to Marilyn and they have three daughters

One thought on ““What are the strategies for managing successful Churches?”

  1. It is my opinion that this response encapsulates in entirety, the purpose of the church. As we seek to be successful here in our endeavours, we should ensure that as a lively stone to build up a spiritual house (church), each believer should actively contribute to the growth of the body of Christ.

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