The Inaugural Speech – Elder Jeffery (Joshua) Smith

Elder Jeffery Smith is the convener of Yeshua’s House Ministry.

The speech was delivered at the launch of Yeshua’s House Ministry on June 29th 2019 at the Kendal Shiloh Apostolic Church

Praise Jesus everyone! I am honoured to be in your presence tonight and it is great that we have the presence of the Lord with us. YEH…SUA (yes sure)

To the chairman (Minister Leonel Teape), Bishop Kingsley Andrew, Pastor Robertha Smith, Elder Lyndon Johnson other distinguished guest, brothers and sisters…a great evening is declared for you all.

I am grateful to almighty God that you decided and purposed to turn up for this very important meeting. Thank you so very much for coming and for taking your families and friends with you. I promise you that if you would dwell here for a while, you will behold the beauty of the Lord and you will not be disappointed.

When the Managing Director of ALPART gets the biggest order for bauxite ever, he calls a general meeting with all staff members to decide the steps that will have to be taken in order to deliver. After God destroyed the enemies, the ithes and the rites, and captured their lands for the children of Israel as an inheritance, Joshua called a meeting at Shiloh to outline the steps necessary for personal possession and enduring residence.

When the Lord changed my name from Jeffery to Joshua he had a plan in mind for the day (no doubt it should have been earlier) when we would meet like this to advance the legacy…meaning, to ensure that the promise of our inheritance is being spread from generation to generation, in earnest.

Minister Lionel Teape – Chairman at the launch of Yeshua’s House Ministry (29th June 2016)

As the years passed after the revelation was given, I tried to spy, be strong and courageous, take the city, and in my little way, cross Jordon and break down walls however God was not in it, because that was not what he intended…and how could he…all of that is already done! I gave up a number of times but the name remained so I started again on a quest for answers. So along with having more emphasis when I hear the word Joshua, God gave a follow-up revelation and I knew then that no more time could be lost.

The vision came as instructions, statements, questions, scriptures, etc. as follows:

  • Joshua was not only a fighter and strategist he was also a distributor of inheritances
  • The inheritance is already secured. All of the children have an inheritance
  • Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word of God
  • If you will observed to do everything that is written in the book you will be prosperous and have good success
  • The word is our inheritance and everyone can feed directly from it…literally!
  • Gather the people in one place, create a platform and deliver the word through those who are experts at appropriating (meaning seizing) their inheritances
  • Get a mentor for inspiration and influence

I thanked God very patiently, spoke with my family and shared it with some folks God pointed me to, and the rest is history. For this task I realized that a ministry would be needed because it could not be accomplished otherwise, so Yeshua’s House Ministry was conceived.

YESHUA: because the name is a form of Joshua, and it means to rescue or to deliver and of course because it is translated Jesus

HOUSE: because it represents the setting/platform for the distribution of inheritances


Yeshua’s House will in the 21st century support the distribution of God’s promised inheritance to his people


The mission of Yeshua’s House Ministry is that precious resources (particular persons among us) will be continuously found and brought to the heirs of God’s promises to share their stories and deliver step-by-step instructions for purposeful advancement in the earth, both personally and collectively.

Inheritance Experts – The particular persons in the mission are called Inheritance experts. Inheritance Experts are persons who have big faith, have taken charge of their God given potential/position and they are making significant differences in the earth.

In practical terms then; there are some of us who can and some, who can’t, lay hold on the following inheritances:

  • Worship in response to a revelation of the glorified Christ
  • Have big faith and can apply it persistently
  • Keep a meaningful day of fasting and have yolk breaking experiences
  • Maintain good marriages on earth and on their way with confidence to the marriage supper
  • Pray and get response from their fellowman and from the father
  • Have miraculous healing and other miraculous encounters
  • Pass an exam and an interviews or finish school and get scholarships
  • Start a business and see it through the worst times to establishment
  • Read or write
  • Basically living with confidence and assurance (hopeful) on every level weather it seems good or bad, ugly or pretty

…and because we know that God wants everyone of us to have good success, obtaining our inheritances – Yeshua’s House Ministry is committed to creating an environment and providing expert advice for personal, spiritual, professional and even eternal direction.

Jesus is coming soon and the world is coming to an end but there are still, in God’s purpose for us, some ways unthread, some doors unopened, some lights un-shone, some bread uneaten, some gates un-lifted and some living waters un-drunk…

“And now brethren I commend you to God and to the word of his grace which is able to build you up and to give you an inheritance among all them which are sanctified!”


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