The Truth About Our Inheritance

God promised Abraham that his offspring will be blessed (they shall have possessions and kings and queens shall be born among them). This, because Abraham was righteous and obedient. God said, “…I will establish my covenant as an everlasting covenant between me and you and your descendants after you, for generations to come, to be … Continue reading The Truth About Our Inheritance

Christian Culture and Impact – Passing The COVID-19 Leadership Test and More

One of the main tests that the COVID-19 pandemic has administered, is that of leadership capacity. All category of leaders, at every level, are tested and some are flipping. If the disease has distracted the christian leader so much that he is unable to continue providing hope and salvation for others, he has failed the … Continue reading Christian Culture and Impact – Passing The COVID-19 Leadership Test and More

Honoring Lady Angela Graham-Stewart – A Child of Victory!

She had a rich inheritance in the earth and she did not keep it to herself. She had faith that delivered real results. In some cases she would pray for years, until God answered His children. Lady Angela Graham-Stewart (Sister Angie) whole heatedly showed respect to, and had genuine care for everyone she met. There … Continue reading Honoring Lady Angela Graham-Stewart – A Child of Victory!

Maintaining Economic Success In Crisis

Wars, earthquakes, famines and pandemics all affect economies world over. Great men and women have worked hard to build back countries after these events. One of them, Joseph, was able to obtain and maintain economic success during a famine as well as during a drought, as a leader in Egypt. He diligently made provision in … Continue reading Maintaining Economic Success In Crisis

Leadership Communication In Crises

The people bawled for an entire night. Their hopes were shattered by bad news from ten of twelve spies. Caleb and Joshua tried to tell them that Caanan was not unconquerable. Ten out of twelve, they concluded, cannot be wrong. “Let us overthrow Moses and Aaron and head back to Egypt,” they said, “even if … Continue reading Leadership Communication In Crises