Take Our Relationships Survey

Thank you for your continued support of us, doing our part to see to the distribution of the exceeding broad inheritances of a very generous God. Our prayer for you is that God will establish and prosper the; spiritual, romantic, professional/business, family and all other relationships in your life. According to Meredith Hansen, Psy. D, … Continue reading Take Our Relationships Survey

“How do people genuinely connect with God and work towards doing everything that He has asked them to do?”

Evangelist Janice Gayle answers this important question in written response and in powerful video clip below: Man’s ultimate purpose is to serve God. We serve God through obedience to His commands, through worship, praise and caring for His creation (including self, others and the things necessary for our existence). Effective service is channeled through intimate relationship with … Continue reading “How do people genuinely connect with God and work towards doing everything that He has asked them to do?”

YHM is celebrating after our 7th. quarterly meeting! To everyone who came and supported us we just want to say

Yeshua’s House Ministry takes time to thank you for attending the first in our series of inheritance relationships meeting.

Special tanks to Dr. Lyndon Johnson our mentor and inheritance expert, Pastor Carol Bramwell, Brother Ryan Goulbourne, Sister keneisha Tapper, Brother Sherlock Chisholm, Brother Chaddeon Johnson, Brother Joel Channer, Sister Sandrine Berry and o Elder Richard Bowes and team at Lyndhurst Shiloh Apostolic Church.

Very special thanks to everyone who attended and shared in the presentation, panel discussion and question and answer session.

Also to those who spontaneously expressed appreciation, after experiencing the special manner of ministering, as well as to those who want to be apart of or involved YHM.

Go get your inheritance!

“How do you break the traditional religious ‘doctrines’ concerning professions such as Lawyer, Politician and Sportsman/woman?”

There is a kneejerk response given when confronted by whether it is OK for Christians to become lawyers. This is usually no, or best, it’s not advisable as they have to lie.