Maintaining Economic Success In Crisis

Wars, earthquakes, famines and pandemics all affect economies world over. Great men and women have worked hard to build back countries after these events. One of them, Joseph, was able to obtain and maintain economic success during a famine as well as during a drought, as a leader in Egypt. He diligently made provision in … Continue reading Maintaining Economic Success In Crisis

The CEO’s Restroom©

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Author: Donna-Marie Rowe The walls hugged me as I took refuge in the 3ft x 4ft restroom designated just for the CEO.? I needed time to just be and not let my Assistant see that I was getting emotional because she dared to show concern for me, the CEO.? She…

Leadership Communication In Crises

The people bawled for an entire night. Their hopes were shattered by bad news from ten of twelve spies. Caleb and Joshua tried to tell them that Caanan was not unconquerable. Ten out of twelve, they concluded, cannot be wrong. “Let us overthrow Moses and Aaron and head back to Egypt,” they said, “even if … Continue reading Leadership Communication In Crises

The Importance of Christian Leadership in Times of Crisis

Message delivered by Reverend Major Canute Chambers – President of Jamaica Pentecostal Union Apostolic (JPUA) on April 19, 2020 to more than fifty Apostolic leaders at Yeshua’s House Ministry’s (YHM) Zoom Leadership Forum Invited participants from Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Florida joined the meeting, starting at three in the afternoon. All were welcomed by audio … Continue reading The Importance of Christian Leadership in Times of Crisis

Our Response In Crises – A Prayer of Pastor Lyndon B. Johnson (PhD)

YHM thought it was very important to facilitate a discussion on leadership in response to the current global crisis so a Zoom forum was organized and executed on Sunday, April 12, 2020. Thankfully, grace from our very generous God ensured good success. About fifty enthusiastic Christian leaders attended to further position ourselves to meaningfully respond, … Continue reading Our Response In Crises – A Prayer of Pastor Lyndon B. Johnson (PhD)


No one can deny that Prime Ministers and Presidents of the world are struggling to manage the current COVID-19 crisis. Understandably though because to all of them this is the worst pandemic they have seen. It is kinda hard to deny also that Bishops and Pastors seems to believe that this is not their battle … Continue reading CRISES LEADERSHIP – WHOSE RESPONSIBILITY?